Blythe Lee

Serving California's East Bay Areas


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With the important Shelter in Place restrictions all of our lives have changed dramatically. These changes have made a profound impact on how women and their partners are experiencing pregnancy and birth. But sheltering in place does not mean you will be without the support you need to have a positive labor and birth! I am fully prepared to Doula from a distance, bringing my presence and voice to your labor and birth.

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are deeply intimate and wondrous experiences that I consider an honor and a privilege to share. I am always inspired and amazed by the power and beauty that new life carries, and the profound tenderness it evokes. Being a part of these experiences as a doula is a treasure.

Birth Doula care for women and their families

  • Eight years of experience in the field of midwifery
  • Over 25 years as an educator
  • Committed to empowering women through compassionate physical, emotional and educational support
  • DONA certified

"I wish I could always have Blythe involved with my couples. She is a wonderful Doula"

                  ~ Ellen Jasmer LM CNM

"I hope folks start to understand that having a doula, even remotely, is more crucial than ever!"

                    ~ Etan & Kashmire 4/13/2020